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About Donna

A Personal Journey



Donna Acuña has been a yoga practitioner for over 30 years, and a Montessori school teacher by profession. A few years ago, something changed that inspired her to develop this program. In 2016, her son was diagnosed with scoliosis with a curve of 30 degrees lumbar and 32 degrees thoracic, and as a family the lack of knowledge regarding this condition created a great deal of stress and worry. 

As a researcher by heart, she learned everything she could to support his condition from bracing options to exercise.  She quickly realized that her own practice of yoga could help her son to increase flexibility and body awareness. The next question she asked herself was: “How can I adapt yoga to not only keep it safe for the condition, but also to allow for the exploration of the ancient practice?” Her son was a great case study, since his body was hypermobile with incredible tightness in his hamstrings and psoas, which are areas she knew she could help through yoga. 

As she began her yoga scoliosis trainings to support her son, she found out that she also has scoliosis, and yet during her 30+ years of yoga practice no one pointed out her body difference, and worse yet she had practiced many poses that were not helpful for her specific curve. This left her with a strong desire to guide others into a safer and more aware practice. This program is from the heart and taught by someone who is on the same journey as you or perhaps someone you know.