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Healing workshops


Shamanism: The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition for Self and Planetary Healing

Pachakuti Mesa Tradition (PMT) which emphasizes both personal and planetary healing. This practice involves ritual and ceremonial mastery of the mesa as passed down through the lineage of Peruvian curanderos. The mesa is an altar-like arrangement of empowered objects, a shamanic tool which is used to engage enlightened beings and elemental energies for restoration of balance, health and harmony between humans, other dimensions, and our natural world. Mesas are used for healing, ceremony, journeying, manifesting, divination, transformation.  Please note that some Peruvian Quechua terms are used in the workshops with English translation.

  • Learn to create and use of the PMT Mesa for personal and planetary healing
  • Learn how to create sacred space and ceremony
  • Learn about the beautiful despacho ceremony and it's power to foster and reflect gratitude for Mother Earth (Pachamama) and the mountains (Apukuna).

Healing Herbs: Balanced Health of the Mind, Body and Spirit