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Remember, healing is much more than straightening a spine. It's learning to love and nurture ourselves and trust our inner knowing to guide us to a vibrant state of being. Namaste. 

~ Donna Acuña, Yoga Instructor 

Yoga for Scoliosis

Our Approach

We seek to provide individuals with scoliosis safe and effective ways to experience the benefits of yoga.  For those that have scoliosis, it may be difficult to find yoga resources that help to address unique limitations.  Our approach focuses on safe yoga solutions that bring relaxation, body awareness, and increased flexibility.

Your Results

Individual results will certainly vary depending on multiple factors; however with practice every individual will improve in relaxation, body awareness, and flexibility.  Yoga won't cure the scoliotic condition, but it will provide you new tools to support your mind, your body, and your beautiful spirit.

How to Get Started

Ready to make a change?  We offer specialized private lessons and group workshops.  Use the Get Started button below to let us know your goals and interests and we can set up a program that works best for you or your group.


Private lessons: $75/hr

2-Hour Workshops (Minimum 3 / Maximum 8 People, Age 13+): $40/person

Yoga Classes and Workshops

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